Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I headed to the Kansai Region of Japan last week for the start of a week-long Thanksgiving celebration. I left Takayama at 7 in the morning and met up with Angelica in Osaka in the early afternoon. The first stop, which was a last minute idea, was to go to Universal Studios Japan for the evening! The admission fee is cut in half if you go after 3pm!

There is a special subway train that runs from the center of Osaka to the park. It's actually really close to the center of the city!

The park had a bunch of different areas, all of them were America themed! New York, New England and California were all idyllically represented. Here I am in front of Louie's Restaurant, a pizza shop, in New York!

Angelica and I!


 New York!

For the holiday season, every night is a "Magical Starlight Parade" complete with huge floats!

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