Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Culinary Tour of Tokyo: the Holiday Version

The past week in Tokyo has been amazing! Instead of a recap of what happened, I will recap with a play-by-play of the different types of foods my fellow Fulbrighters (Angelica, Jessa, and Shawn) and I ate over the course of the holiday! We decided to make the theme of the week "Americana", in honor of us not being able to be home in the states over Christmas. Our trip included two days at Tokyo Disneyland, and a Christmas dinner at Outback Steakhouse!

First up is this delicious Mickey shaped ice cream sandwich! Disneyland over christmas was a blast, even though it was absurdly busy! We figured: what better way to spend Christmas 3000 miles away from home than Disneyland, the happiest place on earth?

Churros are a amusement park standard, this one is Mickey shaped too! Ahh!

Dozens of popcorn carts were spread out all through the park, each with a different flavor ranging from soy sauce and butter to honey (the latter one being delicious), this pic is of some pretty amazing milk tea flavored popcorn. Milk tea is super popular in Japan, and also one of my favorite drinks that I have discovered since I got here!

For our big Christmas dinner following our time at Disneyland, the Outback Steakhouse was the only logical choice.

After the required Blooming Onion appetizer and our main entree, we went crazy and split three desserts, the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under, as it is called! A choice I stand by! And the first real brownie I've had since leaving home! Amazing!

Near our hostel was a restaurant that had some crazy desserts displayed in the window. So, on our last night together, we finally went. We all split this impressive and unbelievable dessert: a loaf of toasted bread, cut in to squares, covered in vanilla ice cream and coconut!

Before saying our goodbyes in the train station, we bought a few cupcakes! This one is matcha tea flavored!

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