Sunday, December 19, 2010

New work!

Here's the link to the full project on my website, please check it out!-

Yesterday, I finished working on a furniture project which focuses on notions of distillation in Japanese philosophy and aesthetics. Two things in particular have served as initial inspiration. While walking through a park in my town, I noticed a bench, actually two benches. These benches, I decided, were the purest expression of a bench that I have ever seen. It was a log, a tree trunk, that had been cut vertically down the middle, which yielded two benches. With one cut, two perfectly functioning benches were created. The other was a bridge that crossed a stream. Large rocks were gathered and placed in the stream to form a bridge one could step across. I couldn't imagine a more purer expression of a bridge. Context, perhaps, is what is most important here. I became fascinated with paring big concepts down to their most fundamental state, simultaneously uncovering new, and maybe better, ideas and solutions.


  1. love the photography too! i especially like the japanese books on the shelves- details details

  2. Less is more. Hass