Thursday, November 17, 2011

To America!!

With my luggage all packed up, I headed to the airport on the morning of September 14th 2011, exactly a year after I first landed in Tokyo and started my journey. I had already sent three boxes filled with a year's worth of pottery, furniture, books, tools, and other things home a few weeks prior. The feelings I experienced are hard to express. I was incredibly sad to leave (and I miss Japan and all my friends there sorely), but I also felt utterly content- and there is not a single thing I would change about my year. I also can't wait for my return!

The sky over New Jersey!

This is 2 months late, but a HUGE thank you to everyone who followed me on my adventures throughout the year! I truly enjoyed keeping my blog and sharing my experiences! Also, if anyone has plans to travel to Japan, let me know! I have endless recommendations on places to see, things to eat, and things to do!

This officially concludes Louie Rigano's Fulbright Year in Japan, but you can still follow me and stay up to date on what I'm up to! In addition to my website (, and my tumblr (where I keep a running and often updated catalogue of inspiration images, you can find me on Twitter (!/louierigano), and I also have a blog over at Klat Magazine where I regularly post observations, new projects, and other news (


Love, Louie

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