Thursday, November 17, 2011

Soft Cream: A Look Back

Ice cream in Japan is called soft cream, and I found it to be a particularly photogenic food. It is also much different from American soft serve ice cream. Hard to effectively describe in words, it is smoother and just more delicious! Here are some highlights from the year!

Matcha soft cream, Osaka castle.

Matcha+black tea+sweet potato soft cream, at the end of the Philosopher's Path, Kyoto.

Sweet potato soft cream, somewhere outside of Tokyo.

Salt soft cream!

Baked potato (amazing) and matcha+sweet potato twist, Kamakura.

Sakura (cherry blossom) soft cream, Yoshino (the place where the cherry bossom is said to have originated)!

Milk+matcha twist!

Not photographed but still amazing and worth mentioning:
-Sake flavored soft cream I would get every week I lived in Takayama after my Japanese lesson (even in the snow!)... It was made with local sake!
-Milk+hojicha tea twist that was sold at a road side stand near Kamakura, owned by a local farm with cows! Milk flavored anything may seem a bit strange, and this took me a little while to warm up to... but I think I might prefer it to vanilla!

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