Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'll be doing pottery too

I have always loved pottery- I've done it ever since I was 7! In fact, my entire portfolio that I applied to RISD with was ceramic work, except for one drawing and one painting! I couldn't come to Japan and not try to study traditional pottery to some degree during the upcoming year. So, last weekend, I stopped by the storefront for Koito Pottery, a local Takayama pottery tradition. I expressed an interest in spending time over the next several months at the Koito Pottery studio to study traditional Japanese pottery aesthetics and techniques as part of my Fulbright project. I was warmly welcomed! I will be spending a few days a week at the wonderful studio, learning from a true master potter! I have generously been given a wheel to call my own, as well as access to all of the facilites. Here's a look at my space as well as a few pieces I made the first day!

The first thing I learned was a new forming technique. If you look closely at this close-up photo, you'll notice a seashell on the back right of the table top. I learned how to smoothly form the curve of a bowl with the side of the shell. Simple, effective, and poetic!

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  1. amazing louie! everyone seems so kind and enthusiastic about your studies. awesome. -Barrett