Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hiking the Japanese Alps

Just got back from a very last minute day trip in the Japanese Alps!  A fellow Fulbrighter, Shawn, and I made an hour and a half bus trip from Takayama to a small town with a few hot springs and a ropeway to a trailhead at the top of a mountain. Actually there were two ropeways, the first one stopped in the middle and we were able to have some breakfast and dip our feet in shallow hot spring. Then the second ropeway, which was two levels, went all the way to the top. After a very scenic ride to the summit, we completed a treacherous 3 hour hike to the bottom. We couldn't have chosen a better weekend- besides the slightly overcast weather, the Fall foliage was in peak season! After the hike we stopped by an onsen, which is a Japanese traditional hotspring, and had a relaxing dip before heading back to town.

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