Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coffee with Goro Suzuki

Yesterday, after we had picked up all of the supplies we needed in Seto City, we drove about twenty minutes to Toyota City to visit the home of Goro Suzuki, the internationally famous Japanese potter. He's called a 'super-potter', and for very good reason. He holds the record for the most teacups thrown in a ten hour time span- 1,250! We were welcomed inside by his wife as well as his several dogs hanging out outside. We walked through his pottery lined house then sat down and had some coffee (in his hand-made mugs, of course) and conversation, then headed out back to his studio for a private lesson. Though only about twenty minutes, the quick lesson was filled with so much insight and many tricks. From the potter who is know for his speed, it was perhaps the most knowledge filled twenty minute lesson I have ever received.

My sensei, Dai Nagakura, is on the left. He served as Goro's apprentice for a year and a half some years ago.

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