Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To Takayama!

I have finally made it to Takayama! After nearly a year of anticipation and speculation, here I am! The 5 hour bus ride from Tokyo just might have been the most breath taking trip I've ever taken! Here's a quick overview (Though photos do not do it justice):
Today I spent touring Shinrin Takumi Juku, the woodworking school I will be at for the next several months. It's awesome! The woodshop feels very familiar and I met the other students, who are all very friendly. I also checked out an apartment that I'll probably end up renting. It's super cheap, pretty clean for the most part, and furnished! And really small. The school is a few miles away from downtown Takayama, and my apartment is almost directly between the school and the town, which is probably my best option. Thought this means that I'm living in the middle of nowhere! I can definitely say that this will be the most rural place I have ever lived. 

Just before dusk I got to my hotel, which had a pretty magical view of the town. 
The town itself is equally as magical too! Rows of tiny shops and restaurants, classic architecture, and a river crossed by some very scenic bridges. (Expect more photos soon!)

After walking around for a bit, I found a small, well lit restaurant with a menu in english. I dined on a regional specialty: Hida-Beef. It's supposedly comparable to the famous Kobe Beef. It was interesting, and super fatty. I don' think I will be ordering it again anytime soon. I only explored for a few hours before calling it a night, just hanging out in my hotel room for now. I'm excited to see the town in the daylight!

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