Monday, September 27, 2010

Nagoya Day Trip

Yesterday, I had to go to the immigration office in nagoya, about a 2 and half hours bus trip away, to get my re-entry permit. This will allow me to leave Japan and come back throughout the year without any issues upon re-entry. What I was expecting to be a day-long activity only ended up taking about 40 minutes, so I was free the rest of the day to sightsee! I wasn't really planing on sightseeing, so I didn't have any stops in mind. I did make it out to the Nagoya Castle, though, and then just walked around for awhile.
Later I enjoyed some Matcha ice cream. My absolute favorite!


  1. louie, you are my hero. good luck on EVERYTHING! your posts sound so amazing so far. enjoy everything to the fullest and i am so jealous on everything new and exciting you are learning! im thinking of you!

  2. I want to visit you soooo bad! I wish I could!!!