Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last days in Tokyo

My last 2 days in Tokyo were amazing! My RISD pal, Karin, took me on a tour of Tokyo! The highlight being the view of Tokyo from the Mori Tower.

The 53rd floor of the building also has an art museum, which had an amazing show up focusing on nature in art and design, very relevant to my project! 

Tokujin Yoshioka's bench is the largest piece of single cut optical glass. Breathtaking in person. It is inspired by a waterfall's movement. 

Here's Karin peeking through a paper forest! This piece took up a whole room, and was meant to be interacted with, as if from the view point of a forest animal. Pretty cool...

While on the walk back, we passed an alleyway that was lantern-lined. We heard a drum beat and walked down. There was a tiny festival of some kind!

The next day we visited the Imperial Gardens. It was super humid, but that kind of added to the experience. I couldn't believe that such a huge garden was right in the middle of downtown Tokyo!

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