Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Work!

I recently finished up my latest design project! This one was a lot of fun, though tedious! More on the project can be viewed here:

Rose Vase
There is a perpetual human need to preserve the fleeting spectacle before it passes. Rose Vase is a study in both capturing ephemeral sentiments, and in vessels and the contents they hold.
The rose itself is an icon of fading beauty. Flowers have a self-destructive tendency: as they age, they wither and lose their petals. Here, this play of transience is hardened, the temporary is made permanent.
The vase is made entirely of rose petals, the remnants of the contents. Together, the vase and rose become part of an enclosed system, a dialogue. The outcome is a vessel that questions its contents, and a material that questions its origin and application.

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